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Welcome to SOMS!

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Welcome New 6th Graders

The HSA welcomes all soon-to-be 6th graders and their families.  Click HERE for answers to some frequently asked questions.  Hopefully, this will answer all of your questions, but if not, please email your question or concern to  

Required Summer Math Assignments

This summer, the Mathematics Department will provide summer math review packet for all students entering grades 6 to 12.  Students are required to complete these packets before the first day of school in September.  Every class will review this work over the first week (or two) of instruction, and then students will be tested on this content.  The test on the math review packet will be the first major assessment of the marking period in each course.

Summer math review packets are identified by course and level of instruction.

The material contained in these packets represents concepts, skills, and applications that student learned in their previous math course.   We strongly suggest that students not wait until the last minute to do the packet. Completed packets will be collected and graded. The packet is worth approximately 15% of the student’s first marking period grade.

To better support students in this process, math teachers will be available, by appointment, during the summer.

Click HERE for packets and HERE for teacher contact information.

Required Summer Reading Assignments

Summer reading assignments can be found by clicking HERE for the books that should be read.

For the tasks to be completed click HERE and HERE.

In addition, Ms. Janine Gregory of the District has provided some additional information in the form of Frequently Asked Questions, click HERE to see the FAQs.

Superintendent Focus Groups & Survey

Parents, students, district staff, community members and related stakeholders are invited to attend a Focus Group session with the firm, Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, to solicit feedback and input concerning the qualifications for the next superintendent for our district. Stakeholders are strongly encouraged to attend the focus group session pertaining to their needs since the discussion will be specific to each group. Click HERE for more information and revised dates and times.

In addition, a survey has been designed to gather your perception on the importance of various characteristics commonly found in effective superintendents. The information will be used by the Board to determine the “Desired Characteristics” of our next superintendent. Thank you for taking the time to share your perceptions with the Board. Click HERE for the survey.


Thank you SOMS audience members!
Thanks to the very generous contributions collected this year at the Band, Orchestra, and Chorus concerts over $4000 was raised to support the music programs at SOMS!!  Among the purchases made were an awesome set of new drums for Mr. Ezzo’s drumming classes and some much-needed additional lockers for the string instruments.   All the groups gave amazing performances which were enthusiastically received by the parents, families and friends in attendance.  Congratulations to everyone!   Don’t forget to keep your student musicians practicing over the summer!

Summer Reading and Volunteer Programs at the South Orange Public Library

SOPL will again host a Summer Reading Program and VolunTEEN program this summer.  For info on the Summer Reading Program at the South Orange Public Library click HERE and for info on the Volunteer Program click HERE.

This year’s theme is Spark a Reaction! The librarian is challenging this Summer’s participants to read 1,000 books and this year’s program has been extended to adults as well. This is a great way for families to read together. Students can participate at both the South Orange Public Library and the Maplewood Public Libraries.  So start reading. . .

SOMS HSA Board 2014-15

Please click HERE to see the Home & School Association (HSA) board members for the 2014-2015 school year.


Important Message from Mr U About School Visitor Procedures

School Visitor Procedures: 

Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience with our efforts to create a secure school for your child(ren). A few important reminders that will help us meet this goal include the following:

  1. At all times seek entrance to the school only through the front entrance on North Ridgewood Road.
  2. Request entrance to the school by buzzing the front office. You will be asked a) your name, b) your child’s name, c) the nature of your business at the school, and d) whether your visit was scheduled. Please be patient with this process.
  3. Once buzzed in, report directly to the main office where you will be asked to sign in, and if appropriate, be given a visitor’s pass. Even if you are picking up your child at the nurse, visiting the guidance department, or meeting with your child’s team leader, you must go directly to the main office, and await directions.
  4. Before leaving the building, return to the main office, sign out, and turn in your visitor’s pass.

We appreciate your support in helping us create a safe environment for our students!